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Best Accessories for Clippers You Must Have in Barber’s Tools

Accessories for Clippers

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Are you passionate about grooming and maintaining your hair with precision? If so, you’ve ventured into a world where the right tools can truly make a difference. In this article, we’ll be your guide as we delve into diverse hair accessories for clippers. Whether you’re a professional barber, a DIY enthusiast, or just someone who values a well-groomed appearance, you’re in the right place.

We often hear that a skilled barber can work wonders with just a pair of scissors and a comb. However, in the 21st century, we have access to a wide array of haircut accessories
that can elevate your haircutting experience to a whole new level. These barber supplies are not just for professionals but for anyone who appreciates the art of hairstyling.

Now, let’s explore how these clipper accessories can transform your haircutting and why choosing the right ones is so crucial. We’ll take you through the essential items, some optional tools that can be beneficial, and even a few extras that can add a touch of finesse to your styling routine.

Keep reading barber’s accessories for hair clippers, and get ready to discover the tools that can make you a true master of the art.

Essential Accessories for Clippers

Among the various accessories available, some stand out as necessary – clipper oil, grease, and blade guards. These unassuming tools are needed, ensuring not only the quality of each haircut but also the longevity of your clippers.

Clipper Oil

Imagine your clippers as a well-oiled machine. What happens when the oil runs dry – friction, heat, and eventually, a grind to a break? Clipper blade oil is your remedy to prevent such problems. It’s a specialized, lightweight lubricant designed to keep the blades of your clippers running smoothly.

Friction can cause your clippers to pull on hair, resulting in discomfort for your clients and an uneven haircut. The oil minimizes this friction, ensuring a comfortable and precise cut.

Blades that rub against each other generate heat, potentially causing discomfort and even skin irritation. It prevents overheating, allowing for extended periods of use without discomfort. A well-lubricated blade is less likely to wear down quickly, saving you the cost of frequent blade replacements.

Clipper Grease

Clipper grease serves as the silent protector of your clippers. While clipper oil is ideal for the blades themselves, grease is used for the internal components and mechanisms, especially in the electric clippers. It ensures that all moving parts work seamlessly, contributing to the longevity and reliability of your clippers.

It tends clippers to run quietly, providing a more comfortable experience for both the hairstylist and the client.

Clipper Guards for Versatile Styling

Clipper guards are the Swiss Army knives of the barbering world. They come in various sizes, each denoted by a number, and they determine the length of hair left after a pass of the clippers. Whether you’re aiming for a close buzz cut or a longer, more textured look, clipper combs provide you with the versatility to create a wide range of styles. They’re indispensable for achieving a uniform length and maintaining a neat appearance.

Clipper Blades

Clipper blades are the workhorses of your haircutting tools. The suitable blades ensure clean, precise cuts and minimize the risk of tugging or uneven results. Different types of blades cater to various hair textures and styles. So, investing in high-quality clipper blades is essential for a professional finish.

Recommended Accessories for Professional Haircutting

In professional haircutting, having the right tools at your disposal is non-negotiable. These recommended equipements are the backbone of any barber or hair enthusiast’s toolkit, ensuring precision and excellence in every cut.

The 10 Second Blade Setter

The 10-Second Blade Setter is like a magic wand for barbers and hair enthusiasts. It’s designed to align and adjust your clipper blades quickly, ensuring they’re perfectly parallel. This simple yet effective tool can significantly enhance the performance of your clippers, providing a smoother, more comfortable haircutting experience for both you and your clients.

Carry Cases for Clipper Blades

To keep your clipper blades safe, organized, and ready for action, carry cases are a must. These cases not only prevent damage to your valuable blades but also make it easy to find the right one when you need it. Organization and protection go hand in hand when it comes to maintaining your tools.

Clipper Spray – Disinfection and Rust Prevention

Clipper spray is a crucial accessory for maintaining hygiene and preventing rust. After each use, a quick spritz of clipper spray disinfects the blades, eliminating any bacteria or germs that may have come into contact with them. The disinfectant not only keeps your clippers clean but also ensures a safe and sanitary haircutting experience for your clients.

Cleaning Brush

At first glance, a clipper cleaning brush is an essential and unremarkable accessory. Still, its role is nothing short of crucial. This unassuming tool is your first line of defense against the hair clippings and debris that accumulate during a haircut. Here’s why it deserves recognition:

  • Hair Removal: Clippers, by their very nature, are designed to cut hair. However, as they do their job, hair clippings and tiny particles of debris tend to accumulate within the blades and crevices. Over time, this build-up can hinder the performance of your clippers, causing them to pull hair or work less efficiently. The clipper cleaning brush is your reliable ally in swiftly removing this detritus.
  • Preventing Dullness: A clean clipper blade is a sharp clipper blade. When hair and debris accumulate on the blades, they can cause friction and dull the cutting edges. Regularly using the cleaning brush ensures that your clippers remain sharp, providing precise and comfortable cuts.
  • Hygiene: Cleanliness and hygiene are paramount, especially when you’re using clippers on multiple clients. A clean clipper reduces the risk of transferring bacteria, germs, or skin particles from one person to another. The cleaning brush allows you to maintain a high standard of cleanliness between each use.

Optional Accessories for Grooming

These additionals may not be essential, but they add an extra layer of finesse to your haircutting routine.

Tonics and Sprays

Imagine your hair smelling like a fresh spring morning or a subtle hint of cedarwood. Tonics and sprays are the secret to not only keeping your hair in place but also infusing it with delightful fragrances. These products can give your haircut a unique touch, leaving you feeling refresh.


While not traditionally associated with hair clippers accessories, a good hairdryer can be a valuable addition to your grooming toolkit. It’s not just about drying your hair; a quality hairdryer helps you achieve the perfect finish, setting your hair in place for the day. Whether it’s a sleek and polished look or a natural tousle, a hairdryer is a versatile tool that adds the finishing touch to your haircut.

Straight Razors

For those who appreciate the art of grooming, a straight razor is a timeless accessory. While clippers handle the bulk of the work, a straight razor refines the edges, creating clean lines and defining your style. It’s a nod to the classic barbershop experience, offering precision and control that’s hard to match with modern razors.

The benefits of using a straight razor go beyond just aesthetics. They give you the satisfaction of a job well done and a sense of connection to a long-standing tradition of grooming. It’s not just a tool; it’s a symbol of craftsmanship.

Hair Clippers Accessories That Transform Your Style

In barber’s tools, there’s more to it than just the clippers, guards, and blades. To truly elevate your haircutting experience and achieve professional results, it’s essential to explore the world of accessories that go beyond the basics .

Hand Mirrors for Precision

Imagine being able to see your haircut from all angles, ensuring every detail is perfect. Hand mirrors are your trusted companions for achieving just that. Whether you’re cutting your hair at home or tending to a client’s needs in a barbershop, hand mirrors provide the precision required for impeccable results. They allow you to view the back and sides of the head with ease, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed.


Scissors are the unsung heroes of the haircutting world. They allow you to add a personal touch to your hairstyle by trimming and texturing hair with precision. Whether you’re a professional stylist or a DIY enthusiast, a good pair of scissors is essential for creating layers texture, and achieving the perfect finish.

Salon Capes

Creating a professional atmosphere is as much about appearance as it is about the quality of the haircut. Salon capes not only protect the client’s clothing from hair clippings but also signal professionalism. They contribute to a sense of luxury and care, ensuring that the client’s experience is top-notch from start to finish.

Neck Strips, Clothes Brush, and Neck Duster

A clean finish is not just about the quality of the haircut; it’s also about the overall experience. Neck strips prevent hair clippings from falling into the client’s clothing, keeping them comfortable and clean. A clothes brush and neck duster add that extra touch of sophistication, ensuring that no stray hairs are left behind.

Aftershave Lotion

Completing the haircutting experience with aftershave lotion is like the final brushstroke on a masterpiece. It refreshes and invigorates the skin, leaving the client feeling revitalized. Aftershave lotion is not only a soothing touch but also a memorable conclusion to the haircut, enhancing the overall experience.

Manual Hair Clippers – An Alternative to Electric Clippers

In our journey through the world of hair accessories, it’s essential to pay attention to the classic and time-tested tool that is manual hair clippers. These devices have been a staple in the world of grooming long before the advent of electric clippers.

Let’s take a closer look at this alternative and explore the pros and cons.

Manual hair clippers, also known as hand-powered clippers, offer a straightforward and mechanical approach to haircutting. Unlike their electric counterparts, these clippers rely on human effort to make precise cuts. They consist of two rows of blades that move back and forth, slicing the hair as they go. This method requires a certain level of skill and experience, making it a choice that might only be suitable for some.



Precision: Manual clippers offer a high level of control and precision. Skilled barbers and stylists often prefer manual clippers for detailed work, such as creating intricate designs or tapering.

Physical Effort: Using manual clippers can be physically demanding, especially for prolonged haircutting sessions. The repetitive motion can strain the hand and wrist.

Silent Operation: Unlike the buzzing sound of electric clippers, manual clippers operate in near silence. This silence can be a relief for both the person giving and receiving the haircut.

Learning Curve: Achieving proficiency with manual clippers takes time and practice. It can be challenging for beginners and may result in uneven or jagged haircuts once the skill is mastered.

Portability: Manual clippers are compact and do not require an electrical power source, making them a practical choice for on-the-go grooming or use in remote areas.

Limited Speed: Manual clippers work at a slower pace compared to electric clippers. The low rate can be a drawback when efficiency is essential.

Low Maintenance: Manual clippers are relatively simple devices, and they require minimal maintenance. Keeping them clean and oiled is typically all that's needed.

Not Suitable for All Hair Types: Manual clippers may need help with very thick or coarse hair, making them less versatile compared to electric clippers.

The Choice is Yours

In the world of grooming, the choice between manual and electric clippers ultimately depends on your individual preferences and needs. While manual clippers offer precision and silence, they come with physical demands and a learning curve. Electric clippers, on the other hand, provide speed and versatility. Still, they may need more precision and quiet operation than their manual counterparts.


In the art of haircutting, the choice of accessories and clippers is far from trivial. The accessories you select can be the difference between a good haircut and a great one. They’re the tools that enable precision, enhance hygiene, and create a professional atmosphere.

It’s essential to assess your needs and skills and tailor your accessory selection accordingly.

Remember that each add-on serves a unique purpose, and the combination you choose should align with your specific goals. Whether you’re aiming for the perfect fade, a stylish shave, or an intricate design, there’s an substitutes that can help you achieve your vision.

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