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Are Rusty Clippers Dangerous? Discover the Risks

Are rusty hair clippers dangerous?

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Many of us face rust on our blades, but the crucial question is, are rusty hair clippers dangerous? Do they pose a risk to our skin, and can they lead to infections? These concerns often arise when using tools with rusty blades.

Join us to know their potential risks and offer valuable information to help you stay safe during grooming routines.

Are Rusty Hair Clippers Dangerous for You?

Yes, they can be dangerous because many viral, bacterial, and fungal infections are transmitted from them. This infectious transmission leads to different diseases, including tetanus, burns, wounds, cuts, etc.

Clipper blades are made of stainless steel, which is resistant to rust, but if it contains iron, it is exposed to moisture. As a result, it starts rusting.

So, rusting alone is not alone the agent, but what comes along with it is also risky. When not cleaned, the clipper blades get rust and spread microbial illnesses when cut.

Therefore, if you ignore the maintenance of hair clippers, they become dirty and put you on infection.

Our posts regarding cleaning hair clippers and the causes of rust clippers are here for you.

Potential Health Risks of Rust on Hair Clippers

Using rusty clippers can lead to various health issues for barbers and their clients. It is a critical situation to reduce the chances of diseases.


Tetanus is a severe and potentially life-threatening bacterial infection caused by Clostridium tetani, a bacterium commonly found in soil, dust, and manure. When rusty or contaminated objects, like rusty hair clippers, come into contact with open wounds or cuts, they can introduce tetanus bacteria into the body.

Its symptoms include muscle stiffness, jaw pain (Lockjaw), and difficulty swallowing. As the infection progresses, muscle spasms and rigidity can become more severe, potentially leading to respiratory failure.

Other Health Implications

Apart from tetanus, rusty hair clippers can pose additional health problems. Cuts and wounds caused by rusty blades are more prone to infection due to rust and possible contamination. These infections can lead to further complications, requiring medical attention.

Cuts and Infections

Rusty clippers with dull or damaged blades can result in uneven and ragged cuts, making achieving clean and precise pruning more challenging. Additionally, any cuts made with rusty blades can increase the risk of infection. When rust particles and other contaminants from the clippers come into contact with the skin, it may lead to disease transmission.


Rust on the clipper’s blades creates friction, making it harder to cut through several passes. It will open the skin to burns, allowing ways for bacteria to come. These burns results into skin rashes. The effect is you have more chances of diseases.

Don’t ignore to oil your blades to prevent this.

Individuals Vulnerable to Rusty Clippers

Some people face different levels of risk when it comes to handling rusty clippers. Understanding who is most vulnerable to the potential dangers associated with these tools is crucial for taking appropriate precautions.

  • Clients
  • DIY Enthusiasts
  • Children

You can get help from our guide on how to clean rust on clippers and prevent them from rusting.

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Rusty hair clippers are risky because the rust can cause wounds. When you use clippers with rust, it might hurt your skin and lead to infections. So, keeping your clippers clean and rust-free is important to stay safe and have a good haircut.

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