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5 Best Andis Clippers – Making Right Choice

Best Andis Clippers

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Andis clippers are the best tool for fading haircuts and neat beards. Having the right in your hands for any style you want makes a difference.

But wait, We’re talking about more than one or two types. Andis offers a range of clippers suited for everyone, from beginners to seasoned pros. Whether trimming your beard or going for a full-on hair change, you have an Andis clipper.

Plus, consider all the time and money you’ll save by getting those salon-worthy looks at home!

Ready to find the best Andis clippers out there?

Why Choose Andis Clippers?

Andis distinguishes itself in a competitive market with several key features:

Andis clippers are made with durable materials like aluminum, in the Andis Master Clipper. These are equipped with high-speed blades and customizable settings, from flawless fades to detailed hairstyles.

Andis continually improves user experience through innovations like the XTR technology in the ProAlloy model, which minimizes heat and noise.

Furthermore, developments in battery technology afford longer cordless usage, making them robust, convenient, and adaptable to various needs.

Product Details
Andis 12470 Professional Master Cordless Hair Clipper
Andis 12470 Professional Master Corded/Cordless Hair & Beard Trimmer
Andis Fade Master
Andis 01820 Professional Fade Master Hair Clipper
Andis 73130 Envy Li Cordless Clipper
Andis 73130 Envy Li Cordless Clipper
Andis 17195 Finishing Combo T-Outliner Trimmer & Pro Foil Lithium Titanium Shaver
Andis 17195 T-Outliner Trimmer & Pro Shaver for Men
Andis 24810 Professional PivotPro and SpeedMaster Hair Clipper and Beard Trimmer
Andis 24810 Professional PivotPro and SpeedMaster Hair Clipper and Beard Trimmer

Best Andis Clippers

1. Andis 12470 Cordless Master Clipper - Best Professional Clipper

The Andis 12470 Professional Master Clipper stands out among pro barbers, especially those perfecting fades. Its high-speed blade ensures swift and efficient cutting, making it a go-to for professionals aiming for top-notch results.

The Andis Master is a versatile and high-performance tool designed to meet the diverse needs of modern men. Its blend of old technique with innovative cordless technology makes it a best choice for precision trimming and styling beards, mustaches, and body hair.

This trimmer is suitable for various hair types and is particularly tailored for intricate work on beards, mustaches, and body grooming.

Weighing in at 2 pounds, it combines the sturdiness of professional-grade equipment with the ease of use expected by end-users. Andis is known for its quality and durability in grooming tools, and this model is no exception.


  • Quality Trimmers with Overlap Blades: Ensures crisp lines and sharp edges for clean trims across the beard, sideburns, mustache, and body.
  • Cord/Cordless Flexibility: Offers the convenience of cordless use without compromising on power, delivering 7,200 strokes per minute.
  • Adjustable Carbon Steel Blades: Blades adjust from fine to coarse (size 000 to 1), maintaining sharpness for smooth trimming and versatile grooming options.
  • Long Battery Life: With a powerful lithium-ion battery provides up to 90 minutes of continuous use on a 1-hour charge.
  • Durable and Lightweight Design: Features an unbreakable, lightweight aluminum housing for dependable, long-term use.


  • Versatile Tool: Ideal for full-body grooming, including precise work on beards and mustaches.
  • High-Performance Cutting: The high-speed adjustable blade and 7,200 SPM ensure efficient and smooth cuts without dragging or stalling.
  • Convenient Cordless Operation: Using the trimmer with or without a cord enhances flexibility and ease of use.
  • Strong Construction: The trimmer’s durability is ensured by its quality materials and construction, promising years of reliable service.


  • Weight: At 2 pounds, it may feel heavier than some cordless models, potentially affecting motility during extended use.
  • Price: As a professional-grade tool, it may be priced higher than trimmers designed for casual or non-professional use.
Andis 12470 Professional Master Corded/Cordless Hair & Beard Trimmer, Adjustable Carbon Steel Blade for Close Cutting
Andis 12470 Professional Master Cordless Hair Clipper

2. Andis 01820 Fade Master Hair Clipper - Best for Fades

The Andis 01820 Professional Fade Master Hair Clipper is a robust, precision device for professional stylists and barbers. Its adjustable carbon steel fade blade and powerful motor make it a top choice for fading, superior clipping, and all-around grooming performance.

This clipper is designed to work effectively on all hair types, including straight hair. Weighing in at 20 ounces, it effort for pro use with the ergonomic design required for prolonged handling.


  • Multipurpose Trimming: Ideal for styling hair, beards, and body hair, offering versatility for both home and professional use.
  • Powerful Motor: Delivers 14,000 cutting strokes per minute, ensuring professional-grade performance with minimal noise and maximum durability.
  • Adjustable Fade Blades: Blades adjust from size 000 to 1, featuring fast-feed action for smooth, precise cuts and longer-lasting sharpness.
  • Convenient Design: Features an easy-to-use switch for one-handed operation and adjustable blade lengths for versatile styling options.


  • High-Speed Cutting: The powerful motor and high stroke per minute rate ensure efficient and effective cutting through various hair types.
  • Durable Design: The unbreakable aluminum housing guarantees longevity and resilience in a busy professional environment.
  • Precision Blades: Adjustable blades allow for zero-gapping, perfect for close fades and detailed styling work.
  • Ergonomic and Practical: The design and weight of the clipper make it suitable for extended use without causing fatigue.


  • Weight: At 20 ounces, it might be heavier than some prefer, especially for non-experts.
  • Specialized Use: Its features and design might cater more to barbers and stylists than casual users.
Andis 01820 Professional Fade Master Hair Clipper, Adjustable Carbon Steel Fade Blade Clipper & Zero Gap
Andis Fade Master

3. Andis 73130 Envy Li Cordless Clipper

The Andis Envy Li Cordless Clipper is a multiple equipement designed for professionals and  style lovers in hair and beard trimming. Its easy zero-gap feature and adjustable blade system make it a preferred choice for detailed and complex styles.

This lightweight clipper is tailored for all hair types and is particularly effective for detailed beard work. Weighing 9.9 ounces, it offers an ergonomic design for comfort and ease of use over extended periods.


  • Easy Zero Gap: Allows for precision trimming and is ideal for barbers and hair experts aiming for detailed styles.
  • Powerful Rotary Motor: Delivers 5,500 strokes per minute, ensuring professional-grade performance with minimal noise.
  • Adjustable Blade: Ranges from size 000 to 1, offering fast feed action and superior durability, suitable for every hair and beard grooming.
  • Convenience and Portability: Features a thumb-controlled switch for easy operation and is cordless for maximum flexibility.


  • Precise Cutting: The zero-gap capability and adjustable blade provide accuracy for all trimming needs.
  • Lightweight and Ergonomic: Designed for comfort, it suits professionals and home users who want extended working sessions.
  • Powerful and Quiet: The robust motor ensures efficient cutting without noise, enhancing the experience.
  • Longer Battery Life: A lithium-ion battery that offers two hours of non-stop power is reliable for long sessions.


  • Professional Focus: While highly versatile, its features may be more than needed for casual users who do not require messing styling capabilities.
  • Cost: As a high-quality tool, it might come at a premium compared to essential trimmers.
Andis 73130 Envy Li Cordless Clipper & Trimmer with Adjustable Blade, Zero Gapped
Andis 73130 Envy Li Cordless Clipper

4. Andis 17195 Combo T-Outliner Trimmer & Shaver - Best for Outlining

The Andis T-Outliner Trimmer and Pro Foil Lithium Titanium Shaver is designed to meet the varied needs of modern men. This combo is an excellent choice for detailed shaving and styling.

This combo is suitable for all hair types and weighs comfortably 16 ounces. The T-Outliner features a full-metal body with a textured, non-slip handle and gold retro-vintage design.


  • Low-Noise and Powerful Motor: Both the trimmer and shaver operate quietly and efficiently. Quickly cutting through even the thickest hair, providing a salon-quality experience at home.
  • Easy to Handle: The unique cross-etch handle on the trimmer ensures comfortable use, reducing strain and preventing accidental slips, which is ideal for both professional barbers and at-home users.
  • High-Speed Rotary Motor: Delivers over 7,200 strokes per minute with constant speed technology, ensuring no dragging or stalling during use.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: The shaver has a powerful lithium-ion battery, offering over 80 minutes of run time and the convenience of cord/cordless operation.


  • Trimming and Shaving: The T-Outliner provides exceptional detailing capabilities, while the foil shaver ensures a close, smooth shave.
  • Stylish and Functional Design: The vintage aesthetic looks tremendous and enhances grip and control during use.
  • Powerful and Quiet Operation: Enjoy efficient grooming without noise, perfect for professional and personal settings.
  • Durability and Comfort: Built to last with a comfortable handle, this combo is suitable for extended grooming sessions without discomfort.


  • Specialized Use: The combo’s might be more than necessary for casual users who don’t require high precision in their grooming routine.
  • Cost: As a premium grooming kit, it may come at a higher price than more basic trimmers and shavers.
Andis 17195 Finishing Combo T-Outliner Trimmer & Pro Foil Lithium Titanium Shaver - Professional Hair Clippers and Trimmer Kit for Men
Andis 17195 Finishing Combo T-Outliner Trimmer & Pro Foil Lithium Titanium Shaver

5. Andis 24810 Professional PivotPro and SpeedMaster Hair Clipper and Beard Trimmer

This hair clipper and beard trimmer is designed to meet the demanding needs of experts and stylists. This powerful combo offers clean cutting and trimming for beards, mustaches, and hair. It is an essential toolset for detailed styling and finishing touches.

This set is particularly good at handling wet and thick hair types, due its robust pivot motor design. Weighing in at 2 pounds, it needs efforts for stability with the ergonomic design required for long periods of use.


  • PivotPro Pivot Motor Trimmer: Features a close-cutting stainless-steel T-blade for superior hair feed, ideal for necklines, beards, goatees, mustaches, and edging around ears.
  • SpeedMaster Pivot Motor Clipper: Equipped with an adjustable stainless-steel blade ranging from 000 to 1, allowing for seamless length adjustments and perfect for cutting thick, heavy, or wet hair with ease.
  • Powerful Pivot Motors: Both tools feature pivot motors that provide four times the power of standard magnetic motors, ensuring smooth, efficient cuts without stalling.
  • Versatile Attachments: Includes four trimmer attachment combs for various lengths, alongside essential maintenance accessories like oil, a brush, and blade guards.


  • Enhanced Cutting Performance: The pivot motor technology ensures robust, consistent cutting that is ideal for professional use.
  • Detailing: The T-blade trimmer offers exceptional precision for detailed work, enhancing the quality of finishes and touch-ups.
  • Adjustability and Versatility: The adjustable clipper blade and multiple attachment combs provide various styling options.
  • Durable Design: Built to withstand the rigors of daily professional use, with a design that prioritizes user comfort and control.


  • Weight: At 2 pounds, some users might find the set slightly heavier than some lightweight models.
  • Professional Focus: The advanced features and design may serve more to experienced users, making it a significant investment for casual or non-professionals.
Andis 24810 Professional PivotPro and SpeedMaster Hair Clipper and Beard Trimmer​
Andis 24810 Professional PivotPro and SpeedMaster Hair Clipper and Beard Trimmer

Buyer's Guide - Choosing the Best Andis Clipper for You

Whether you’re a skilled stylist, or a home user the suitable clipper can make all the difference. Here are the essential factors to consider:

Hair Type

Different clippers are optimized for various hair types. For thick or curly hair, a clipper with a powerful motor, like the Andis ProAlloy XTR, ensures efficient cutting without snagging or pulling.

Assess the length of hair you’ll work with and the styles you aim to achieve. Clippers with adjustable blades and various guide comb sizes offer greater versatility.

Primary Use

Professional clippers, such as the Andis 12470 Professional Master Clipper, are designed for continuous use and feature robust construction. A more compact and user-friendly model like the Andis Envy Cordless might be more suitable for occasional home use.

Battery Life

Cordless clippers offer flexibility and ease of use, but it’s crucial to consider battery life. Models with lithium-ion batteries, like the Andis ProAlloy XTR, provide longer run times and quick recharging.

For professional settings where clippers are back-to-back, consider a corded or cordless model with a quick-charge feature to minimize downtime.


While some high-end clippers may have a higher cost, their durability and performance can offer better long-term value, especially for professionals.

Accessories and Maintenance

Check the cost of additional guide combs, replacement blades, and maintenance tools. Some clippers come with full accessory kits, adding value to the initial purchase.


What makes Andis Clippers Different from other brands?

Andis clippers are renowned for their durability, precision, and innovative technology. They are designed to withstand rigorous professional use, making them a favorite among barbers and stylists. Features like the XTR technology in the ProAlloy model ensure cooler, quieter operation with minimal vibrations, setting Andis apart from competitors​​​​.

Can Andis clippers be used for both hair and beard trimming?

Yes, Andis clippers are versatile tools for hair and beard trimming. Models like the Andis 74000 Professional Cordless T-Outliner offer the precision needed for detailed work, including beard styling, making them a versatile choice for comprehensive grooming needs​​.

How long do Andis clipper batteries typically last?

Battery life varies among Andis cordless clippers, with models like the Andis 73000 Envy Cordless offering up to two hours of runtime. The longevity of the battery life ensures flexibility and uninterrupted use during grooming sessions, making them convenient for both professional and home use​​.

Are Andis clippers suitable for beginners?

Andis offers user-friendly clippers that are ideal for beginners. For example, the Andis 73000 Envy Cordless is lightweight and comes with guide combs to simplify the grooming process, making it an excellent choice for those new to self-grooming or haircutting.

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