Best Budget Hair Clippers for Affordability

Best Budget Hair Clippers

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Can you get great hair clippers without spending much money? Yes. Finding the best budget hair clippers means looking sharp without spending a large amount. This article is all about showing you how to choose affordable and effective clippers.

We’ll cover what makes a clipper worth your money, from long-lasting batteries to powerful motors, and how to keep them running smoothly for years.

Get ready to know how to maintain that fresh, clean look and feel confident about your grooming tools, all while keeping your budget intact.

Let’s get started on finding the perfect hair clippers for you!

Product Details
Wahl Professional 5 Star Legend Clipper
Wahl Professional 5 Star Legend Clipper
Limural PRO Hair Clippers and Trimmer
Limural PRO Hair Clippers and Trimmer
BESTBOMG Cordless Hair Clippers & Trimmer Cordless
BESTBOMG Hair Clippers & Trimmer
Comzio Electric Hair Clippers for Men
Comzio Electric Hair Clipper for Men
Andis 75360 Easy Cut Clipper
Andis 75360 Easy Cut Clipper with Adjustable Blade

Best Budget Hair Clippers

1. Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Legend Clipper

The Wahl Professional 5 Star Legend clipper #8147 is designed to excel in creating seamless, blended fades. With its innovative features and robust design, this clipper is a good choice for barbers and stylists aiming to achieve the ultimate fading effects.

The Legend clipper is made for handling thick hair types weighing 16 ounces, which balances durability with ease of use.


  • Fading Clipper: Equipped with a unique blade slide and deep tooth Wedge® blade, offering a wide range of cut lengths for creating flawless fades.
  • Crunch Blade Technology: Produces a distinctive crunch sound during cutting, allowing the user to hear the hair being cut, enhancing precision, and producing a refined finish.
  • High-Performance Motor: Capable of smoothly cutting through thick and textured hair without snagging or pulling.
  • Complete Kit: Includes eight attachment comb cutting guides, ensuring versatility in styling and ease of blending.
    Ergonomic Design: At 6.25 inches long and weighing 16 ounces, it is designed for comfortable handling and prolonged use in a professional setting.


  • Precise Cutting: The advanced blade system and motor are designed for fading and blending, offering superior results.
  • Sensory Feedback: The crunch sound feature provides auditory feedback that helps achieve precise cuts and blends.
  • Versatility: With various attachment combs, it can handle a wide range of hair lengths and styles.
  • Durable and Reliable: Built with high-quality materials and made for longevity in busy professional environments.


  • Weight and Size: Some users may find it heavier than other models, affecting comfort during extended use.
  • Price: As a expert-grade clipper, it may come at a higher cost, reflecting its specialized design and features.
Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Legend Clipper #8147 - Ultimate Wide-Range Fading Clipper with Crunch Blade Technology
Wahl Professional 5 Star Legend Clipper

2. Limural PRO Hair Clipper and Trimmer - Overall Best Budget Choice

The Limural PRO Professional hair clippers and trimmer is a full solution for professional barbers and home users. It offers a blend of even cuts, versatility, and durability. This clipper is equipped to handle a wide range of haircutting and detailing needs.

With a robust metal construction and an extensive set of accessories, including 13 guide combs and a detailed T-blade outliner, this kit is ready to deliver a barbershop-quality experience. The cordless design, enhanced by a long-lasting battery and an LED display, makes it convenient and reliable for all clippering situations.


  • 22-Piece Set: Includes a premium hair clipper, detailed T-blade outliner, 13 guide combs, lubricating oil, cleaning brush, and barber cape, providing a complete set of tools for precise hair trimming.
  • Well Made: Features a classic metal casing with an ergonomic design for comfortable, slip-resistant handling and control during extended use.
  • Spectacular Experience: The adjustable taper lever and zero-gapped precision trimmer allow for detailed and close trimming, which is ideal for blending, fading, and carving.
  • Extended Runtime: Equipped with a 300-minute battery life and a high-definition LED display for monitoring battery usage and maintenance reminders.
  • Professional Quality: Utilizes 440c stainless steel blades and a heavy-duty motor for a smooth, snag-free trimming experience across all hair types.


  • Full Set: Offers a wide range of cutting lengths and styles, making it versatile for various hair types and styling needs.
  • High-Quality Build: Durable and ergonomic design ensures comfort and longevity, even in barber settings.
  • User-Friendly Features: The LED display and long battery life enhance convenience, especially for mobile barbers or travelers.
  • Professional Endorsement: Developed in collaboration with experienced barbers, ensuring its suitability for professional use.


  • Complexity for Beginners: The extensive set of tools and features might be overwhelming for beginner users who need prior hair trimming experience.
  • Maintenance Required: Regular oiling and cleaning are necessary to maintain optimal performance and longevity of the clipper.
Limural PRO Hair Clippers and Trimmer for Men - Cordless, T Blade Outliner, Complete Hair Cutting Kit with 13 Premium Guards, Taper Lever & 5 Hrs Runtime
Limural PRO Hair Clippers and Trimmer

3. BESTBOMG Cordless Hair Clippers & Trimmer

The BESTBOMG hair clippers & trimmer set is a tool for professional and at-home use. With its ceramic T-blade, versatile guide combs, and long-lasting battery life, this tool is tailored for those seeking a reliable and efficient haircutting experience.

This set is suitable for wet and dry hair types and comes packed with features that ensure a smooth and clean cut. Weighing 260 grams, it’s portable and includes a carry bag, making it ideal for travel or mobile barber services.


  • 21-Piece All-in-One Kit: Includes a professional hair clipper, a detailed trimmer, 10 guide combs, 4 guide combs for the trimmer, and other essential accessories for a complete operation.
  • Adjustable Taper Lever & Guide Combs: Offers flexibility in cutting lengths, making it easy to achieve the desired hairstyle with precision.
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life: The 2000mAh battery provides up to 4 hours of run time, with a quick charge feature ensuring continuous performance.
  • Ceramic T-Blade: Known for its sharpness and durability, it ensures a clean cut through different hair types without snagging or pulling.
  • Portable and Low Noise: Comes with a travel-friendly carry bag and operates at a quiet level of 65 dB, ideal for noise-sensitive environments.


  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of hair cutting and trimming needs, from salon use to home.
  • Neat and Clean Cutting: The ceramic T-blade and adjustable combs allow for fine detailing and close cuts.
  • Convenient Design: Cordless operation and a powerful and quiet motor make it user-friendly and comfortable.
  • Extensive Accessories: The comprehensive set of combs and tools ensures you have everything needed for various hair lengths and styles.


  • Charging Time: It takes 3 hours to fully charge, which may require planning for continuous use in barber settings.
  • Weight: While relatively lightweight, its weight might be a consideration for users looking for ultra-lighter options.
BESTBOMG Hair Clippers & Trimmer, Ceramic T-Blade Cordless, Rechargeable 2000mAh/1200mAh with 10 Guide Combs
BESTBOMG Cordless Hair Clippers & Trimmer Cordless

4. Comzio Electric Hair Clipper for Men

The Comzio Electric hair clippers for Men is designed for those who want the convenience of a cordless clipper without compromising on cutting performance. It’s a versatile device suitable for cutting hair on the head, face, and body, making it a complete solution.

These clippers are prepared for all hair types providing a powerful yet quiet trimming. The set includes a range of accessories to ensure a precise and comfortable haircut or trim, whether at home or in a professional setting.


  • Low Noise & High-Performance Cutting: Features carbon steel blades for quiet operation and smooth, efficient cuts through various hair types.
  • Cordless Convenience: Offers the freedom of cordless use with a high-capacity battery, ensuring extended run times and reliable performance.
  • LED Display: Equipped with an LED display that provides essential information such as battery life and charging status, enhancing the user experience.
  • Adjustable Cutting Lengths: Includes a thumb taper lever for easy adjustment of cutting lengths, allowing for customization of haircuts.
  • Items Included: Comes with ten guide combs, a USB charging cable, a cleaning brush, lubricating oil, and a protective cap, making it a full-featured set for various needs.


  • Versatile Use: Effective for trimming hair on the head, face, and body, providing a one-stop solution for grooming.
  • User-Friendly: The slim, lightweight design reduces wrist and shoulder fatigue during extended use.
  • High-Quality Blades: Sharp, durable blades ensure a clean cut without pulling or snagging.
  • Extended Battery Life: Supports lengthy sessions with a quick recharge time, ideal for busy schedules.


  • Warm Operation: The clippers may become warm after prolonged use, although they remain within a safe temperature range.
  • Blade Maintenance: Regular oiling is necessary to sustain maximum performance and extend the lifespan of the blades.
Comzio Electric Hair Clipper for Men, Cordless High-Performance, Rechargeable, Home Haircut
Comzio Electric Hair Clippers for Men

5. Andis 75360 Easy Cut Hair Clipper

The Andis 75360 clipper offers a solution for home hair cutting, featuring a powerful yet compact design. This set is ideal for those who prefer to manage their haircuts or have the barber experience at home.

It combines ease of use with professional-grade performance. This clipper is tailored for dry hair types and weighs just 9.6 ounces, making it lightweight and manageable.


  • Maximum Power: Designed for easy clipping and fading, it offers 75% more power than comparable models, efficiently handling various hair types and styles.
  • Multiple Cutting Options: Comes with self-sharpening professional blades and a range of guide combs to achieve different hair lengths and styles.
  • User-Friendly: Compact and lightweight for easy handling, with rounded tips and safeguard combs, making it safe for children and sensitive skin.
  • Accessories: Includes 12 guide combs, safety combs, stainless steel shears, barber combs, a blade brush, blade guard, blade oil, and a storage case for a complete haircutting set.
  • Durable and Reliable: Built to the high standards Andis is known for, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.


  • Efficient and Powerful: Cuts through wet or dry hair smoothly, reducing the time and effort needed for haircuts.
  • Child-Friendly Accessories: Safeguard combs provide a gentle cutting experience for families.
  • Haircutting Items: Everything needed for various haircuts at home is included, offering great value.
  • Easy Maintenance: Self-sharpening blades and included tools make upkeep simple.


  • Corded Operation: While providing consistent power, the corded design may limit mobility compared to cordless models.
  • Targeted for Home Use: This may need more robustness for continuous professional salon use.
Andis 75360 Easy Cut Clipper with Adjustable Blade
Andis 75360 Easy Cut Clipper

Buying Guide for Budget Hair Clippers

Battery Life and Charging Time: The battery life of cordless clippers is critical, as it shows how long you can use them before a recharge is needed. However, consider the charging time as well; some clippers, require up to 12 hours to fully charge, which can be inconvenient.

Motor Power and Speed: The motor’s power affects the clipper’s ability to cut through different hair types smoothly and efficiently. More robust motors offer faster cutting speeds and can handle thick or coarse hair more effectively. Budget-friendly clippers often have motors sufficient for home use but may struggle with professional demands.

Motor Type: The type of motor in the clipper (rotary, pivot, or magnetic) influences its performance and suitability for different haircutting tasks. Rotary engines are versatile and work well for bulk hair removal. Pivot motors offer powerful cutting with less speed, and magnetic motors are fast but might also not handle thick hair.

Corded vs. Cordless: Corded clippers provide a constant power supply, making them reliable for extended use. Cordless clippers offer more flexibility and portability but depend on battery life. Your choice will depend on your personal needs and grooming habits.

Accessories and Ease of Use: Accessories like guide combs, scissors, and blade oil can enhance the clipping experience and provide more styling options. For example, the Wahl Color Pro Cordless has color-coded combs that simplify length selection.

Ease of use is also essential. Look for comfort clippers, inbuilt controls, and ease of cleaning and maintenance.


How long should a good-budget hair clipper’s battery last?

A good budget hair clipper should have a battery life that lasts several grooming sessions. Ideally, it should offer at least 60 to 100 minutes of runtime. For example, Limural provides around 300 minutes, ample for multiple cuts before needing a recharge.

Can budget hair clippers be used professionally?

While budget-friendly clippers are primarily designed for home use, some models can be suitable for professional use, especially for those just starting their practice or needing a backup option. However, professional barbers typically prefer higher-end clippers due to their durability, extended battery life, and superior motor power.

Can I use budget hair clippers for thick, coarse hair?

Yes. Cost effective clippers can be used for thick, coarse hair, but their performance might not be as efficient as higher-end models. They may take longer to cut through thick hair and require more passes to achieve a smooth result. For such hair types, looking for clippers with solid motors and sharp blades is advisable to ensure effective cutting without pulling or snagging.


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