Best Clippers for Different Hair Types

Best Clippers for Different Hair Types

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Are you looking for the best clippers to handle different hair types, whether you’re grooming at home or a professional stylist? Clippers designed with versatility in mind can serve to various needs—from thick, curly locks to fine, straight strands.

Here, we’ll review the top-rated clippers that provide the precision, power, and flexibility needed for diverse hair types. You’ll find how choosing the right tool can simplify your hairstyling process and improve your styling capabilities.

Owning your clippers allows you to maintain your hairstyle regularly and conveniently, helping you look your best at all times without frequent salon visits.

Product Details
Wahl USA Pro Series Platinum Corded Clipper
Wahl USA Pro Series Platinum Corded Clipper & Trimmer
Wahl USA Elite Pro High-Performance Corded Hair Clipper
Wahl USA Elite Pro High-Performance Corded Hair Clipper for Men
Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Cord/Cordless Hair Clipper
Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Rechargeable Cord/Cordless Hair Clipper
FADEKING® Professional Hair Clippers
FADEKING® Professional Hair Clippers
opove H5 Hair Clipper for Men
Opove H5 Hair Clipper Cordless Hair Clipper

Best Clippers for Different Hair Types

1. Wahl USA Pro Series Corded Clipper - Best for Thick Hair

The Wahl USA, Pro Series Platinum corded clipper & trimmer set, is a complete home haircutting kit designed for those who want professional-grade tools in the comfort of their own home. This kit stands out with its robust motor and color-coded guide combs, making it easy to achieve precise cuts.

It caters to barbers and individuals wanting efficient and reliable trimming capabilities.


  • Pro Series Corded Clipper: Features an ultra-power no-snag motor and precision ground self-sharpening blades that offer smooth, snag-free cuts through thick hair.
  • Touch-Up Trimmer: It provides consistent power and is ideal for detailing around necklines and ears. It includes adjustable guards for precise trimming.
  • Color-coded guide Combs: These simplify the selection of desired hair length, improving the haircutting process with easy identification.
  • Premium Accessories: This set includes stainless-steel barber shears, a storage caddy, a barber cape, a styling comb, and a cleaning brush.
  • Powerful Performance: The clippers’ robust motor and self-sharpening blades easily handle thick hair.
  • Comprehensive Kit: This kit has all the necessary tools for a full haircut and touch-up, making it versatile for various grooming needs.
  • High-Quality Accessories: Premium scissors and a durable storage solution enhance the overall value.
  • Easy Maintenance: Instructions are included for simple fine-tuning and maintenance of the clippers.
  • Corded Design: While providing constant power, the cords may limit mobility compared to cordless models.
  • Potential Shipping Issues: Clippers might need recalibration if jerked during shipping, adding a step before first use.
Wahl USA Pro Series Platinum Corded Clipper & Corded Trimmer for Home Haircutting with Color Coded Guide Combs
Wahl USA Pro Series Platinum Corded Clipper

2. Wahl USA Elite Pro Corded Clipper for Normal Hair Type

The Wahl USA Elite Pro corded clipper for men is designed for men requiring a reliable, high-quality experience at home. This kit is tailored to maintain beards, scalps, and mustaches regularly and is known for its precision and durability.

The Elite Pro is an excellent choice for those with normal hair types looking to achieve professional results without visiting a barber.


  • Finest Precision Blades: Self-sharpening blades are engineered to stay sharp longer, cutting through all hair types efficiently.
  • SECURE-SNAP Premium Guards: It has stainless steel clips that ensure the combs stay securely attached, making home haircuts safer and smoother.
  • Robust and Durable Motor: Offers superior performance and can handle any hair type.
  • Accessories: This toolkit includes shears, a styling comb, a cape, blade oil, a cleaning brush, and a durable storage case.
  • Accuracy in Cutting: Enhanced by self-sharpening blades and adjustable taper lever for easy fading and blending.
  • High-Quality Attachments: Guards with stainless steel clips prevent slippage during use.
  • Full Tool Set: This kit has all the necessary accessories for a full haircut and grooming session.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: Adds value, guaranteeing long-term use with protection against defects.
  • Corded Operation: Limits mobility compared to cordless alternatives, although it provides steady power.
  • Restrictive Warranty: Warranty is invalid if the product is used professionally or outside of the USA.
Wahl USA Elite Pro High-Performance Corded Electric Hair Clipper for Men at Home
Wahl USA Elite Pro High-Performance Corded Hair Clipper

3. Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Cord/Cordless Hair Clippers

The Wahl Lithium Ion Pro hair clipper offers a flexible solution for those looking to combine the reliability of corded clippers with the freedom of a cordless model. This clipper adapts to the whole family’s needs and is designed for men, women, and children.

With its versatile color options (Silver, Black, Navy Blue) and suitability for all hair types, the Lithium Ion Pro is a go-to for anyone needing convenient at-home haircutting.

Its smart charge technology and cordless capability appeal to users desiring ease and efficiency.


  • Corded/Cordless Function: It provides the steady power of a corded clipper and the mobility of a cordless one.
  • Lithium-ion power gives up to two hours of runtime on a full charge, which is ideal for multiple haircuts before recharging.
  • Innovative Charge Technology: It possesses a smart display that indicates battery status, adding convenience.
  • Self-Sharpening Blades: Precision ground blades stay sharp longer, and they have an adjustable taper lever for easy blending and fading.
  • Attachment Guards: Includes 12 Snap-N-Lock guards to achieve various haircut lengths from 1/16″ to 1″, made for smooth and snag-free cutting.
  • Flexible Usage: Can be used corded for continuous power or cordless for ease.
  • Extended Battery Life: High-capacity lithium-ion battery supports extensive use on a single charge.
  • Complete Guard Set: Offers a wide range of cutting lengths, suitable for different styles and preferences.
  • Easy Cleaning: Self-sharpening blades reduce the need for frequent blade replacements.
  • Charging Time: Depending on use, frequent charging may be required, although less so than many other cordless models.
  • Weight and Balance: At 2 pounds, it may feel heavier than some cordless models, potentially affecting mobility during extended use.
Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Rechargeable Cord/Cordless Hair Clipper for Men, Woman, & Children with Smart Charge Technology
Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Cord/Cordless Hair Clipper

4. FADEKING® Hair Clippers for Men - Best for Every Hair Types

The FADEKING Professional hair clippers offer a robust, versatile solution tailored for those seeking professional-grade performance in a personal grooming kit.

This cordless beard trimmer and clipper set includes a wide range of accessories suitable for home and travel use. It is ideal for various hair types and styling needs.

This product stands out with its stylish gold and bronze finish. And is created for professionals and home users alike. It is engineered to handle everything from simple trims to complex fades and detailed outlining.

The extensive accessory pack and ergonomic design increase its appeal, making it a strong tool in the competitive grooming market.


  • Professional Evenness: Made for seamless blends, precise edges, and effective bulk hair removal. It includes scissors for professional and high-standard home use.
  • Powerful Motor & Large Capacity Battery: This battery features a robust motor that operates quietly and efficiently. It can last up to 300 minutes on a 2.5-hour charge.
  • Stylish and Versatile: Adjustable blades are ideal for detailed styling tasks, and a durable zinc alloy housing is built to withstand regular use.
  • Accessories: Include 9 attachment combs, a cleaning brush, blade covers, a storage case, a barber cape, and DC and USB charging cables.
  • Sturdy and User-Friendly: It is designed for comfort and ease of use during extended grooming sessions, and a convenient travel case is included.
  • Long Battery Life: Ideal for uninterrupted cutting sessions and travel, with significant operating time between charges.
  • Comprehensive Tool Set: Offers everything for professional barber use and high-standard home cutting.
  • Durable and Quiet Operation: Built to last through frequent use while maintaining a low noise level.
  • Versatility in Styling: It can handle various hair types and cutting styles, improving its utility for diverse grooming needs.
  • Price: This is an expensive investment compared to simpler models.
  • Weight: At 2.2 pounds, it could be slightly heavy for some users.
FADEKING® Professional Hair Clippers & Cordless Beard Trimmer for Men with Travel Case
FADEKING® Professional Hair Clippers

5. Opove H5 Hair Clippers for Men

The Opove H5 clippers offer a sophisticated blend of technology and performance. They are geared towards professional barbers and everyday users needing evenness in their routine.

With a long runtime and advanced characteristics like a smart LCD and quiet operation, this clipper is tailored for diverse hair types and sensitive settings.

The Opove H5 stands out for its versatility and high-end attributes. It is for men, women, and children and suited for professional environments.


  • Cordless with Long Runtime: A powerful 2600mAh lithium-ion battery allows up to 250 minutes of use, suitable for all-day professional work.
  • Quiet Working: Functions quietly at less than 60 decibels, ideal for use on children or in noise-sensitive environments.
  • Sharp and Comfortable Cutting: This trimmer features 440C stainless steel and a ceramic movable blade for a sharp, comfortable haircut.
  • Speed Control: A high-speed motor with a smart chip adjusts to maintain consistent cutting speed through thick hair.
  • Adjustable Length and Guides: This set includes micro-length change buttons and 8 guide combs, facilitating easy fading and styling versatility.
  • Smart LCD Screen: This screen displays vital information such as trim length, motor speed, and battery life, along with maintenance reminders.
  • Extended Battery Life: It has a good runtime and is ideal for lengthy grooming sessions without frequent recharges.
  • Accurate Cutting Tools: High-quality blades and adjustable settings for various hair types and styles.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The LCD screen enhances usability by showing necessary information and maintenance alerts.
  • Quiet and Gentle: Suitable for use with infants and in silent settings like early mornings or late evenings.
  • Cost: Given its advanced attributes, it may be on the higher side, positioning it as a premium option.
  • Complexity for Casual Users: The array of settings and adjustments might stress non-professional users.
Opove H5 Hair Clipper Cordless Hair Clipper with 250min Runtime & Smart LCD, Quiet Hair Trimmer - Perfect for Kids, Bearded Men, Women & Barbers
opove H5 Hair Clipper for Men

Features to Consider When Choosing Hair Clippers for Different Hair Types

When selecting these hair clippers, evaluate several vital things that can match your specific hair type.

Motor Type

The motor is crucial as it determines the clipper’s performance across different hair textures. Rotary motors are powerful and versatile, ideal for hair types, and frequently used.

While, pivot motors offer robust cutting power at a slower speed, making them suitable for thick or damp hair. Magnetic motors are fast but less powerful, so they are best suited for lighter hair and quick trims.

Blade Quality

Blades are crucial for precise cuts. Look for clippers with high-quality stainless steel blades that resist rust and wear. Some high-end clippers feature ceramic blades, which stay sharper longer and generate less heat during use. Ensuring the blade quality can significantly affect the sharpness and longevity of your haircuts.

Corded vs. Cordless

Corded clippers provide continuous power and are recommended for prolonged cutting sessions and professional use. Cordless clippers provide the convenience of portability and are ideal for home use or travel, with battery life being a key consideration.

Included Accessories

Accessories enhance versatility and usability. Look for models with a range of comb attachments for various hair lengths.

Essential accessories should include blade oil, cleaning brushes, and storage cases. Models with taper levers are beneficial for precise blending and fading.


Can these clippers be used for both head hair and beards?

Yes. Many hair clippers on the market are versatile enough to cut head hair and beards effectively. They come equipped with adjustable blades and various comb attachments that allow easy transitions between hair types and lengths.

This versatility makes them suitable for comprehensive grooming. For detailed beard trimming and styling, look for models with fine-toothed combs, while wider combs are better for managing longer, thicker head hair.

Additionally, features like taper levers help achieve precise fades and edges, which are essential for head hairstyles and beard grooming. Ensuring that the included features and accessories meet your specific grooming needs is necessary when selecting clippers.

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