Can You Use Cordless Clippers While Charging? Safety Guide

Can you use cordless clippers while charging?

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In grooming and personal care, cordless clippers have become indispensable, offering convenience and flexibility for achieving the desired look. However, a question often arises: can you use cordless clippers while they’re charging? This article aims to shed light on this common query, providing valuable insights into the safety and best practices associated with using cordless clippers during the charging process.

Cordless clippers are equipped with rechargeable batteries, which fuel their operation and allow for greater mobility. The question of using cordless clippers while charging stems from the desire to optimize their usage and maximize their capabilities.

Can You Use Cordless Clippers While Charging?

Yes. But using the trimmer will not charge the device entirely but may reduce the battery time. So, it is not recommended to charge it. While some cordless clippers are built to allow safe usage during charging but consider individual models and their specifications. All of these vary from model to model. Manufacturers often incorporate specific features and technologies to enhance user safety. These may include isolation mechanisms that minimize the risk of electrical shocks and intelligent charging systems that regulate the flow of current to prevent overcharging.

Battery capacity, charging circuitry, and the clipper’s overall build can impact its safety and feasibility while plugged in.

What are the Benefits and Risks of Charging Cordless Clippers

Charging cordless clippers presents a balance between convenience and caution.


  • When in a grooming session and the battery runs low, the ability to continue working without interruption can be helpful. Additionally, this practice can benefit professionals who need to maintain a continuous workflow without pausing for recharge.
  • Simultaneous usage and charging eliminate the need for waiting while the battery refills. This time-saving advantage can be precious when you have limited time for grooming or need to maintain a well-groomed appearance consistently.
  • The dual voltage feature automatically switches between battery power and main power. As a result, it will enhance the performance of the battery and motor. It will work as corded or cordless clippers.


  • It puts potential strain on the battery due to simultaneous usage and charging, resulting shorten battery time and heat generation.
  • Exposure to the water can cause electric sparks and damage your hair trimmer.
  • The single-way supply from the main power or battery spoils the tool or causes fire hazards.


Can You Overcharge Cordless Clippers?

Yes. Fortunately, modern cordless clippers are designed with safeguards to prevent overcharging. Advanced chargers have circuitry that monitors the battery’s state and adjusts the charging process accordingly. This cycle means that once the battery reaches its total capacity, the charger automatically reduces the charging rate or stops altogether, ensuring it remains safe.

What to Do If the Battery Drains During Use.

Pause and Charge: Pause your grooming session and allow the clipper to charge briefly. This gap can provide enough power to complete the task.
Prioritize Remaining Areas: Focus on grooming the remaining areas that require attention before the battery drains.
Quick Touch-Ups: If time allows, perform quick touch-ups with scissors until the clipper is adequately charged for a thorough session.


Caring for your cordless clipper involves a combination of awareness, best practices, and responsible usage. Your investment in understanding the intricacies of using cordless clippers while charging pays off in terms of extended battery life, reliable performance, and enhanced safety.

In the article, you can use cordless hair clippers when plugging them. Here’s the thing to note always check the manual and product description before buying.

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