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Learn How to Clean Rusty Hair Clippers Easily

Learn How to Clean Rusty Hair Clippers Easily

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Rust not only diminishes the physical appeal of your hair clippers but can also negatively impact their performance and overall longevity. That’s why understanding how to clean rusty hair clippers is a crucial skill for anyone who values the functionality of their grooming equipment.

We will walk you through the step-by-step process of how you get off rust clippers. So, whether you apply professional techniques or DIY methods, this guide will help you how to remove the rust from hair clippers. Also, here are some useful prevention tips to keep your hair-cutting tools performing at their best.

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Essential Tools And Materials

Before restoring your rusty hair clippers, you must have the right tools and supplies.

  1. Screwdriver Set: To access the inner components of your hair clippers.
  2. Cleaning Brushes: Remove hair, debris, and rust particles from the nooks and crannies of your clippers.
  3. Toothbrush or Soft Bristle Brush: Gentle scrubbing without causing damage to delicate parts.
  4. Cotton Swabs: To apply cleaning solutions precisely to targeted areas.
  5. Cleaning Solutions: These solutions aid in breaking down grime, rust, and grease like alcohol or others
  6. Rust Remover (Optional): A commercial rust remover can be a powerful ally if your clippers have extensive rust.
  7. Microfiber Cloths: Soft and lint-free microfiber cloths prevent scratches and help achieve a polished finish.
  8. Lubricating Oil: Clipper oil that prevents friction, reduces heat buildup and keeps the moving parts functioning smoothly.
  9. Rust Inhibitor Spray: A rust inhibitor spray provides an extra layer of protection against moisture and corrosion for long-term rust prevention.
  10. Disposable Gloves: Protect your hands from cleaning agents and potential debris by wearing disposable gloves.
  11. Plastic Container: Use a plastic container to soak removable parts in your chosen cleaning solution to ensure even coverage and easy cleaning.
  12. Toothpicks or Wooden Sticks: These are useful for carefully removing debris from hard-to-reach areas or tight crevices.
  13. Safety Glasses: When disassembling and cleaning, tiny particles can become airborne. Wearing safety glasses protects your eyes from any potential hazards.
  14. Old Toothbrush or Nail Brush: An old toothbrush or nail brush with slightly stiffer bristles can help with more intensive cleaning, especially in areas with stubborn rust buildup.

Here, we will discuss the ways for removing rust and if you want to know why do hair clippers get rust? Read this guide.

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Steps Guide – How to Clean Rusty Hair Clippers

Before diving into the cleaning process, ensure you have all the essential tools and supplies ready, as mentioned above.

Cleaning Stage

  1. Begin the Disassembly: Carefully use the appropriate screwdriver to remove the screws holding the casing together. Keep track of each screw’s location, as different types may be used.
  2. Detach Removable Parts: Gently remove the blades, guards, and other detachable components. Lay them out on your workspace for easier cleaning.
  3. Hair and Debris Removal: Use your cleaning brushes, toothbrush, or compressed air to remove hair, dust, and debris from all parts. Pay special attention to the blade area and gaps where hair accumulates.
  4. Assess Rust Severity: Examine the extent of rust on your clippers. If it’s light surface rust, a simple cleaning solution might suffice. For more severe cases, you may need a rust remover.
  5. Soak Removable Parts: Soak the removable parts in a plastic container filled with your chosen cleaning solution. It helps loosen stubborn rust and dirt.
  6. Applying Cleaning Solution: Dip a cotton swab or cloth into the cleaning solution and gently rub it over rusty areas. For stubborn rust, allow the solution to sit for a few minutes.
  7. Gentle Scrubbing: Use a toothbrush or soft bristle brush to scrub rusted areas gently. Avoid using excessive force to prevent damage.

Rust Removal Stage

  1. Use Natural Remover: Apply a small amount of vinegar or lemon juice directly onto rusted spots. Allow the natural acids to work on the rust. Remember to rinse and dry thoroughly after use.
  2. Rust Remover: Follow the instructions on the rust remover product. Apply it to the affected areas and let it sit for the recommended duration.
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Finishing Touches

  1. Thorough Clean: Use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to wipe all components thoroughly. Ensure there’s no moisture left to prevent future rust.
  2. Apply Protective Layer: To prevent future rust formation, apply a light coat of lubricating oil or a rust inhibitor spray to the cleaned and dried parts. This protective layer will act as a barrier against moisture and corrosion.

Prevention From Rusty Hair Clippers

Preserving the integrity of your hair clippers goes beyond cleaning and maintenance; it involves proactive measures to stop rust formation in the first place.

  • Choose the Right Storage Spot: Opt for a storage area free from moisture and humidity. Avoid storing your clippers in places like bathrooms where moisture levels are higher.
  • Elevated Storage: Store your clippers on a shelf or hook rather than on surfaces. It prevents direct contact with potential dampness.
  • Protective Cases: Utilize the protective case that comes with your clippers, especially during storage or travel. These cases provide an extra layer of defence against moisture and humidity.
  • Silica Gel Packets: Place moisture-absorbing silica gel packets near your clippers in the storage area. These packets help reduce excess humidity that can accelerate rust formation.
  • Rust Inhibitor Spray: Invest in a quality rust inhibitor spray for metal tools. Apply a thin, even layer to your clippers before storing them. This spray creates a protective barrier against moisture and oxidation.
  • Camphor Tablets: Placing camphor tablets near your clippers can help repel moisture and prevent rust. Ensure the tablets are not in direct contact with the clippers to avoid transfer.
  • Regular Inspections: Periodically inspect your stored clippers for any signs of moisture or rust. Catching potential issues allows you to take corrective action before significant damage occurs.


Can I use alcohol to clean my rusty clippers?

Isopropyl alcohol can be effective in removing light surface rust. However, you may need specialized rust removers or natural remedies like vinegar or lemon juice for more severe rust.

How do I know if my clippers need rust removal?

If you notice reddish-brown spots, uneven cutting, or a general decline in performance, your clippers may have rust issues. Regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent this from occurring.

Are rust inhibitor sprays effective?

Yes, rust inhibitor sprays form a protective barrier that prevents moisture from directly contacting the metal surface, reducing the risk of rust formation.

Can I sharpen rusted clipper blades?

It’s generally not recommended to sharpen rusted blades, as the rust compromises the blade’s integrity. It’s best to focus on cleaning and rust removal first, then consider blade sharpening if necessary.

Can I use WD-40 to prevent rust on my clippers?

While WD-40 has some rust-prevention properties, there are better choices for clipper maintenance. Opt for a specialized clipper oil or rust inhibitor spray for better results.


In this post, you have learned how to clean rusty hair clippers. Maintaining clean and rust-free hair clippers is a process that takes time to complete. It needs to be cleaned regularly, timely, and before or after use to get off rust. By following these guidelines, you can improve the hair clippers’ functionality and save your skin from hurting.

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