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How to Use Hair Clippers Like a Pro

How to Use Hair Clippers

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Our guide will help you use hair clippers to achieve a professional-looking haircut at home. Cutting your hair with clippers saves you time and money and gives you the satisfaction of mastering your grooming skills. Whether you’re looking for a basic trim, a stylish fade, or a clean crew cut, we’ve got you covered!

Cutting hair using clippers is relatively easy but a worthy skill, even done at home.

How to Use Clippers to Cut Hair

Begin with these simple steps to get that perfect hairstyle without entering a salon.

1. Getting Started: Gather Your Tools

Before you begin, ensure you have all the necessary tools: clippers, comb, cape, brush, and a vacuum to catch those pesky hair clippings. Proper preparation ensures a smooth haircutting process.

2. Wash and Dry Your Hair

Start by washing and drying your hair thoroughly. Clean hair is easier to work with and ensures a more even cut. Remember to dry hair entirely, as wet hair yields different results.

3. Choose the Right Blade Guard

Blade guard numbers on hair clippers correspond to lengths ranging from 1/8 inch to 1 inch. For a basic cut, start with a guard that matches the length of the longest hair you want for your style. Remember, the higher the guard number, the longer the hair will be left. You can use the “0” setting for a shortcut, which means no guard.

4. Start Clipping

Now, the fun begins! Cover the person’s shoulders with a barber’s cape to protect their clothes. Move the clippers against the direction of hair growth for an even cut. Cut the hair from the head with the blade to create a smoother cut. Remember to avoid lifting the clippers straight out from the head to prevent prominent lines in the hair.

5. Create Gentle Haircuts

  • The Gentle Fade: Use multiple guard lengths, starting with a medium-short clipper attachment like a number 2, and gradually taper down to a 0 for a close shave. This order creates smooth transitions between hair lengths, achieving that professional fade.
  • The Burr Cut: Opt for guard 1 or 2 across the entire head for a low-maintenance, nearly buzzed style.
  • The Crew Cut: Start with guard 2 or 4 on the sides and back, then transition to bigger guards towards the crown. This step gives you a neat and stylish crew cut.
  • The Top Line: After buzzing the whole head with an oversized guard, use a 3 or 4 guard to create a clean line around the top.

Don’t know how to do a fade haircut, this post is informative for you.

6. Fine-Tuning and Trimming

  • Sideburns and Ears: When trimming hair, use a 1 or 2 guard around the ears for a cleaner look. Trim the sideburns and the back of the neck without a guard to ensure an even length. Remember to clean up any missed hair around the edges of the ears with scissors.
  • Checking for Evenness: Use a mirror to check for evenness and make any necessary adjustments. Taking your time with this step ensures a polished look.

7. Post-Cut Clean-Up

Remove loose hair from the person’s neck and back using a lint roller.
Clean and maintain the clipper guards by rinsing them in warm water with dish soap, but avoid submerging the clippers in water. Use a brush to clean the exterior and blades of the clippers, and remember to oil the edges for smooth operation.

Tips for Cutting Your Hair

  • Start Slow: Don’t rush the process; take your time to get used to cutting your hair.
  • Practice with Non-Dominant Hand: To ensure an even cut, practice using your non-dominant hand for the opposite sides of your head.
  • Cut Against the Grain: Cut against how your hair grows for better results.


Using hair clippers for a professional-looking haircut at home is simple. With the right tools, a bit of practice, and our step-by-step guide, you’ll quickly give yourself or others stylish haircuts. Embrace your inner hairstylist and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done!

Happy clipping!

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