How to Sharpen Clipper Blades Using Salt

How to Sharpen Clipper Blades with Salt

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Say goodbye to dull and ineffective hair clippers! You might think of sharpening clipper blades with salt. My article will help you out with how to do this. This DIY method is easy to perform even at home.

There are other sharpening ways with aluminum foil, sandpaper, and stone. But this post will cover clipper blade maintenance using salt as a sharpening agent.

Does Salt Effective for Sharpening

You can use salt to sharpen the blades, but it should not be the preferred method. Salt treatment is the least effective way to maintain clipper blades. Salt sharpening is suitable for a few sessions.

Though, it is a cheap method.

If not cleaned properly, it increases blade corrosion and rust formation. And it results reduce blade sharpness.

In the end, it does more worse than good.

If you want to sharpen your clippers, use other sharpening tools or methods that are more efficacious than salt.

If you want blade sharpening with salt, how can you do it?

The following section will explain it.

Sharpening Clipper Blades with Salt: Step-by-Step Guide

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Let’s start it.


  • Salt: Choose fine-grained salts, such as table salt or sea salt.
  • Container: Select a shallow container or bowl large enough to accommodate the clipper blades.
  • Warm Water: You’ll need enough warm water to create a salt solution.
  • Soft Brush: Obtain a soft-bristled brush, such as a toothbrush or specialized blade brush, for cleaning the blades.
  • Clean Cloth: Have a lint-free cloth or towel ready for drying the blades.
  • Lubricating Oil: Prepare a suitable blade lubricating oil for the final step.

Apart Blades from Clipper

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to carefully detach the clipper blades from the clipper body. This will allow for better access and easier handling during the sharpening process. Take note of the blade orientation and positioning to ensure proper reassembly later.

Creating a Salt Sharpening Solution

Fill the chosen container or bowl with warm water. Ensure there’s enough water to submerge the clipper blades fully.

Gradually add salt to the warm water, stirring gently until the salt dissolves. Aim for approximately one tablespoon of salt per cup of water. Adjust the measurements as needed, depending on the size of your container and the number of blades being sharpened.

Soaking the Blades in the Solution

Place the removed parts into the salt solution, fully submerging them. Allow the blades to soak in the solution for 10 to 15 minutes. It gives the salt solution time to remove residue and enhance the blade’s sharpness.

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Brushing and Rinsing the Blades

After the soaking period, use a soft brush to gently brush the blade surfaces, focusing on the teeth and edges. It will remove any remaining debris or residue loosening during the soaking process. Brush in a careful and controlled manner to avoid any accidental injuries.

Rinse the blades thoroughly with clean water to remove the salt solution and any loosened debris. Ensure that all salt and residue are washed away.

Drying and Reposition the Blades

Use a clean, lint-free cloth or towel to dry the clipper blades carefully. Ensure that they are scorched to prevent any moisture-induced corrosion.

Once dry, apply a small amount of suitable blade lubricating oil to the blade surfaces. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions or use a recommended lubricating oil for clipper blades. It helps reduce friction and ensures smooth operation.

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Reassemble the clipper blades according to the manufacturer’s instructions, ensuring they are correctly aligned and securely fastened.


The above is the effortless careway for a clipper blade at home. It would help if you did not rely solely on this method but used alternative sharpening techniques before salt usage.

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