How to Sharpen Oster Clipper Blades

Sharpen Oster Clipper Blade

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Are you struggling with your Oster clipper blades that have lost the sharpening power? Whether you are a pet owner seeking to groom your furry companions at home or a professional groomer aiming to deliver better results, this article is your ultimate resource.

In this article, I will show the simple steps to fix your Oster blades like a pro.

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Below is the checklist to sharpen clippers for Oster blades.

  • Sharpening Stones (oil stones, water stones or diamond stones)
  • A screwdriver
    Blade Holder or Jig
  • A small soft bristle brush (It can be a toothbrush)
  • Blade wash
  • Magnet
  • A scale (optional)
  • Hair clipper oil

Sharpening Oster Clipper Blades at Home

Let’s get to work.

1. Remove the Debris

Use a blade cleaning brush to remove any hair, dirt, or debris that may have accumulated. Closely check the nooks and crevices of the blades to ensure a clean surface for sharpening.

You can also use blade wash if the blade of the Oster trimmer  is more dirty. By doing this, you can easily clean it.

2. Sharpen with Stone

If you prefer a hands-on approach, manual sharpening with a sharpening stone can be effective.

  • Place the sharpening stone on a stable surface or secure it in a sharpening stone holder.
  • Apply a few drops of honing oil to the stone and spread it evenly.
  • Hold the clipper blade at the desired sharpening angle and glide it across the stone in smooth, consistent motions.
  • Use moderate pressure and maintain a steady angle throughout the process.
  • Repeat the motion on both sides of the blade, ensuring equal sharpening.
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Secondly, electric sharpening machines offer a convenient and fast way to sharpen Oster clipper blades.

  • Place the clipper blade in the machine’s guide or holder, aligning it to the sharpening angle.
  • Turn on the machine and allow the grinding wheel or disc to reach its operating speed.
  • Gently move the blade back and forth across the grinding surface, maintaining a consistent angle.
  • Don’t apply more pressure; the machine’s rotation will do most of the work.
  • Continue sharpening until you achieve the desired sharpness, typically indicated by a clean and polished edge.
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3. Testing the Sharpness of the Blades

Visually inspect the clipper blades for any visible signs of sharpness. Look for a clean and well-defined cutting edge along the entire length of the blade. Try cutting through paper, fabric, or hair samples.

4. Wipe off the Blade

After sharpening your blade to perfection, give it a final touch by wiping it down with a clean cloth. This step removes any remaining dust or debris and adds a brilliant shine to your blades.

5. Put the Blades Together

Once reassembled, don’t forget to apply a thin layer of oil to reduce friction and promote smooth operation.

Now, your sharpened Oster clippers are ready to be reattached to the clipper body, allowing you to achieve precise and professional grooming results effortlessly.


You have learned how to sharpen the Oster clipper blades.

Next time, asses the blades that require sharpening to avoid wear and tear. And then, go ahead with other solutions, set the tension on the clipper edge or reposition them.

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