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Fixing Wahl Clippers That Are Not Cutting Evenly

Fixing Wahl Clippers That Are Not Cutting Evenly

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Wahl Clippers have earned a reputation for their reliability and performance in achieving precise and professional haircuts. These clippers have become a trusted tool for barbers, hairstylists, and individuals who prefer to cut their hair at home. However, even the best tools can sometimes encounter issues, and one common problem that users may face is when Wahl clippers are not cutting correctly.

Having your Wahl clippers fail to perform at their best can be frustrating and result in uneven or unsatisfactory haircuts.

This article will address the common problem and solutions of Wahl clippers needing to be cut evenly.

Common Causes of Wahl Clippers Not Cutting

There can be many problems behind the Wahl clippers not working; we will see each individually.

Blade Dullness or Damage

Over time, the clippers’ blades can become dull due to regular use or improper maintenance. These result in uneven cutting, snatching or snagging of hair, and an overall decrease in cutting efficiency. On the other hand, sharp blades glide smoothly through the hair, ensuring a clean and precise cut.

If the blades appear dull, you need to sharpen or replace them, depending on the extent of the damage.

Incorrect Blade Adjustment

When the blades are misaligned, they may not even contact each other, resulting in repeating cutting sessions or hair pulling. Ensuring correct blade adjustment is crucial for achieving precise and consistent results.

Hair Length and Texture

Hair length and texture also influence the working of electric clippers. Longer hair tends to be more difficult to cut smoothly and evenly. In comparison, shorter hair requires precision to maintain desired styles.

Coarser or thicker hair textures can be more resistant to cutting. In contrast, finer or softer hair may require more delicate handling.

Missing Teeth

Without these teeth, the blades struggle to cut through any hair cleanly, creating a gap that hinders their ability to grip and cut effectively. Damaged teeth on the edges can also contribute to affecting cutting performance.

Check the top-cutting blade to assess if teeth are missing or damaged; if yes, replace the blades accordingly.


  • Neglecting to clean the blades after each use results in hair and debris buildup.
  • Failing to lubricate the blades regularly increases friction and decreases cutting efficiency.
  • Overlook blade alignment during maintenance cause improper haircuts.

All of these lead to reducing the Wahl Clipper’s functions.

Low Power Source

Weak power output from the clippers can also be to blame. The issue may lie with the blades or other components. Still, it could be due to insufficient tension within the clippers themselves. The solution is simple: adjust the Wahl power screw to restore the necessary power.

Rusted Blades

Rusted clipper blades are another obstacle to achieving smooth-cutting results, mainly if the rust affects the teeth. Thoroughly cleaning the blades to remove as much rust as possible is essential.

However, suppose the blades remain slightly rusted, severely damaged, or chipped. In that case, seeking expert help or investing in new blades is advisable.

While sharpening can be effective, it is recommended to explore other potential solutions before resorting to this step.

Blunt Blades

Blunt blades can impair cutting ability, often resulting from insufficient oiling. Regularly oiling your Wahl trimmers reduces friction between the blades and ensures smoother cutting.

If you notice your blades becoming blunt, lubricate them and test them. If the problem persist, consider sharpening the edges using a grindstone or sandpaper.

Solutions for Wahl Clippers That Are Not Cutting

  • Asses the clipper’s condition and change them if required. When they become old, Wahl clippers lose their cutting ability.
  • Always oil them after two uses to minimize the friction and heating up.
  • Set the clippers in the correct position so they cannot drag the hairs or apply zero gaps on the Wahl machine.
  • Cleaning prevents hair debris or dirt.

After resolving you face that hair is not cutting well with Wahl then you can check our top pick.

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Taking care of your Wahl clippers will ensure satisfying haircuts and prolong their lifespan.

We learned why your Wahl clipper pulling hair instead of cutting and how to fix them. Again you face the issue, inspect it, and restore it to get your Wahl clipper back.

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